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Unleash Yourself this Week at Events

By: Maria King
Date: April 20, 2014
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I remember back when I was a kid and you used the phone you were on a leash, sort of. And it seemed that whatever you needed to reach while on that leash was always just a foot away from the fully extended length of the cord. Then came cellular phones and you were free to converse at remote locations and even on the move. Life was somehow liberating! But now I am concerned. In the process of making people have everything in the world at the touch of a button, their whole world IS the touch of a button. All the liberating from that leash that cellular phones gave us, smart phones have chained us back to it all over again.

You think I am mistaken, right? Well let’s try to answer a few questions. Last time you were out with friends, were you texting other friends? And at the last family gathering you attended, was there a group of mesmerized relatives in a separate room playing Candy Crush, using Facebook or someway engaged in a phone application of some sort? Do you find your self calling or texting someone over something foolish just because you have an unlimited text and talk plan from your provider? When someone says what are life’s necessities do you now answer, “food, clothing, shelter and WiFi? I thought so.

Ok, experiment time. Grab the kids, the neighbors, your friends, Old Uncle Bert and your significant other (s) and head on out to an event. Now before you leave the car (hang on here I know this is revolutionary and radical thinking taking place) agree on a meeting place within the event should you get separated, should you choose to separate and need to meet up again or in case someone gets lost. Then and I know this is really wild, agree on a time to meet back at the car if you are going your separate ways during the event. No one takes a phone on the grounds of the event. No one can contact anyone by phone during the event. I know, I must be out of my mind. Think of this event that you are attending as a historical event or maybe even a re-enactment of life from days gone by in the olden era of the 1990’s. I know right, I must be out of my mind to suggest such a thing. I can hear the screaming, crying and gnashing of teeth as I type this out. But before you dismiss it, or worse, before you let your kids dismiss it, give it a try.

We are losing our ability to participate in our own lives. Events give us the chance to get out among our fellow men, and women, and have some fun based on where we are and who we are with. Not based on force fed content that we think we cannot live without. We have to get back to the fine enjoyment of seeing what it taking place beyond the screen of our cel phones. So go crazy this week and let’s “party like it’s 1999!”

Apr 25, 2014 - Apr 27, 2014
Since 1982. With approximately 30 different events including everything from sporting events to concerts, street dances to children's events, the festival maintains a "something for everyone" philosophy. Takes place in Downtown Fayetteville and Festival Park.
100,000 Attendees
Apr 25, 2014 - Apr 27, 2014
Since 1986, food, entertainment, arts and crafts, micro beer pavillion, games, interactive activities, 3 sound stages featuring jazz, easy listening, country music and more.
90,000 Attendees
Apr 26, 2014 - Apr 27, 2014
Since 1984, craft festival featuring more than 200 juried vendors from 20 states featuring handmade work to be exhibited including original oil and watercolor paintings, pottery, jewelry, furniture, woodworking, ornamental iron, Appalachian-style baskets, stained glass, photography, home and garden accents, birdhouses, leatherwork and much more. Plus four stages of free music and entertainment, children's area and over 20 food vendors.
130,000+ Attendees
Apr 24, 2014 - Apr 26, 2014
After more than 50 years as Norfolk’s International Azalea Festival, the Norfolk NATO Festival was renamed in 2009, in recognition of its primary mission: to honor and recognize all 28 NATO member nations and their staff and families living here in Hampton Roads while working at Norfolk’s NATO Headquarters, Allied Command Transformation.
150,000+ Attendees
Apr 25, 2014 - Apr 27, 2014
Since 1981, 1,300+ musicians, artists and performers, come hear great jazz along with the best pop, rhythm and blues and cross cultural music. The park setting includes 6 stages, 220+ booths, juried arts and crafts, children's art tent, community/school entertainment, food games and clowns. Makes this a fun family event.
100,000+ Attendees
Apr 25, 2014 - Apr 27, 2014
Since 1963, over 600 skilled artists and craftsmen will display, pottery, crafts, photography, watercolors, sculpture, jewelry, acrylics, oils, natural wood furnishings and stained glass art. Also a juried art and craft show, local and regional talent, youth rides, games, festival food, continuous stage and strolling entertainment and much more.
250,000+ Attendees
Apr 26, 2014 - Apr 27, 2014
Arbor Daze is a three and a half day event that has brought international attention to Euless for its commitment to beautify and improve the environment through the planting of trees. Arbor Daze has also garnered recognition as being a fabulous, free, family-oriented festival that brings our community together in an atmosphere of fun-filled activities.
125,000 Attendees
Apr 26, 2014
The final signature event of the Florida Heritage Festival, the parade is a local tradition. The month long festival culminates with 100,000 plus visitors lining the streets to enjoy the floats and the entertainment. The parade starts at Manatee High School along 39th St West to Manatee Ave turning east toward downtown Bradenton along 9th St West.
120,000 Attendees
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