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Crystal River, FL 34429 - Distance: 2 Mile(s)
This complex consists of five refuges that span 100 miles of coastline. Manatees, whooping cranes and birds can be seen in their natural habitat.
Crystal River, FL 34429 - Distance: 2 Mile(s)
This history museum housed in the 1939 old City Hall building and displays collections of artifacts and archival documents of Citrus County history from pre-historic to current...
Crystal River, FL 34428 - Distance: 2 Mile(s)
Snorkel, dive, swim or just observe the manatees at play.
Crystal River, FL 34428 - Distance: 4 Mile(s)
This state park museum has a visitor center and displays archaeological items, and ancient Florida Indian artifacts.
Arlington Heights, FL 34428 - Distance: 4 Mile(s)
A National Historic Landmark, this 61-acre, pre-Columbian, Native American site has burial mounds, temple/platform mounds, a plaza area, and a substantial midden. For 1,600 years...
Crystal River, FL 34428 - Distance: 4 Mile(s)
A place of exceptional natural beauty, the undisturbed islands, inlets, backwaters, and forests of this preserve are especially cherished by nature lovers and photographers....
Homosassa, FL 34446 - Distance: 5 Mile(s)
View the wildlife with bears, bobcats, white-tailed deer, otters, alligators and crocodiles. View the manatees underwater in the spring through the observatory. The kids will love...
Homosassa, FL 34448 - Distance: 6 Mile(s)
On the site of a former sugar plantation, this park features artifacts of the original cane press and house.
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Barnesville, FL 34428 - Distance: 7 Mile(s)
This site was once part of a thriving sugar plantation owned by David Levy Yulee. Yulee was a member of the Territorial Legislative Council, and served in the U.S. House of...
Hernando, FL 34442 - Distance: 10 Mile(s)
This museum is dedicated to the great game of baseball and the celebration of one of the greatest hitters ever, Ted Williams.
Inverness, FL 34450 - Distance: 15 Mile(s)
Dunnellon, FL 34430 - Distance: 15 Mile(s)
Inverness, FL 34450 - Distance: 16 Mile(s)
Inverness, FL 34450 - Distance: 16 Mile(s)
This history museum housed in the 1911 Courthouse displays county archives from 1885 to the present emphasizing pioneer settlers, photographs, diaries, and manuscripts.
Inverness, FL 34450 - Distance: 18 Mile(s)
Fort Cooper was built as a soldier refuge during the Second Seminole War. There are many species of endangered plants and animals inhabiting the surrounding area as well as the...
Dunnellon, FL 34432 - Distance: 18 Mile(s)
This 10,000 year old spring is Florida's fourth largest. On the Rainbow River you can enjoy boating, canoying, kayaking, fishing and more.
Floral City, FL 34436 - Distance: 20 Mile(s)
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