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for Saint Francis, KS and surrounding 50 Miles
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Idalia, CO 80735 - Distance: 26 Mile(s)
With seasonably warm waters, dependable winds and sandy beaches, Bonny Lake State Park is the perfect destination for swimmers, water-skiers and windsurfers. The 1,900...
Wray, CO 80758 - Distance: 30 Mile(s)
This museum has a permanent Smithsonian archaeological exhibit on Paleo Indians, Paleo Indian and bison antiques, arrowheads, a diorama of Beecher Island Battle of 1868, an art...
Goodland, KS 67735 - Distance: 30 Mile(s)
Plains Indians artifacts, pioneer life, Rock Island History in Sherman County, first patented helicopter.
Burlington, CO 80807 - Distance: 41 Mile(s)