About EventCrazy.com

EventCrazy.com is owned and operated by Events Media Network, Inc. The management team at EMN has a combined experience in the events, media, sponsorship and marketing industries. This expertise encompasses all aspects of event marketing, coupled with intricate knowledge of event operations. Experienced in advertising and sponsorship from both the agency and the corporate side with backgrounds in television and print media, the EMN team is evolving again to meet the new challenges of web and hand-held applications.

We hand edit each and every event and attraction on our site and we never data mine our listings. We have built our database from over 20 years of publishing in the events arena. Our credits include the publication of the Annual Special Events Directory and Yellow Pages, the most comprehensive of its kind, and Events Business News Magazine. We have participated in hundreds of radio and print interviews promoting the events industry as a whole and are frequent guest lecturers at Universities and trade shows throughout the country.