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Aiken, SC 29801 - Distance: 21 Mile(s)
This specialized museum housed in a restored carriage house displays trophies won by thoroughbred horses and their trainers.
Aiken, SC 29801 - Distance: 21 Mile(s)
This history museum housed in a 1931 winter colony mansion displays Aiken County artifacts, archaeology collection, industrial items, textile and nuclear exhibits, Black history...
Trenton, SC 29847 - Distance: 26 Mile(s)
Appling, GA 30802 - Distance: 26 Mile(s)
This park is known as one of the finest bass fishing spots in the nation. During the summer guests can cool down at the beach or on miles of shaded nature trails. Canoes and...
Columbia, SC 29824 - Distance: 28 Mile(s)
This historic house has collections of memorabilia from the Civil War, furniture and furnishings of the period.
Plum Branch, SC 29845 - Distance: 28 Mile(s)
The park covers an entire 731-acre peninsula that provides ample shoreline for fishing. It's also the reason why most of the park's campsites are lakefront and spacious. The...
Thomson, GA 30824 - Distance: 28 Mile(s)
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Windsor, SC 29856 - Distance: 33 Mile(s)
Built in the 1930's by the Civilian Conservation Corps, this 1,067-acre park has a variety of animal and plant life, making it an excellent location for nature study and birding....
Millen, GA 30442 - Distance: 36 Mile(s)
Magnolia Springs State Park is known for its crystal clear springs flowing 7 million gallons of water per day and the beautiful boardwalk which spans the cool water. During warmer...
Lincolnton, GA 30817 - Distance: 38 Mile(s)
This museum, housed in a replica of the house of Elijah Clark, has uniforms, history artifacts of the 1770s, a reconstructed log house and outbuildings.
McCormick, SC 29835 - Distance: 40 Mile(s)
Developed primarily for the best public access on Lake Thurmond, Baker Creek provides water recreational opportunities near scenic lakeside campsites. The lakefront pavilion...
Barnwell, SC 29812 - Distance: 40 Mile(s)
This history museum displays collections of papers and books on Barnwell County dating from Revolutionary War times, costumes, dolls, plantation farm life implements, silver,...
Blackville, SC 29817 - Distance: 42 Mile(s)
Acquired in 1937, Barnwell State Park is a 307-acre park situated along the coastal plain in Barnwell County. Known for its lake fishing and large meeting facility, Barnwell...
Washington, GA 30673 - Distance: 47 Mile(s)
Founded in 1959, this museum, housed in an 1836 Barnett-Slaton House built by Albert Gallatin Semmes, has collections related to Confederate and Wilkes County history.
Elberton, GA 30635 - Distance: 50 Mile(s)
This pretty park offers watersports enthusiasts a quiet oasis on 70,000-acre Clarks Hill Lake. When water levels are low, visitors can see some foundations of the old town and...
Calhoun Falls, SC 29628 - Distance: 59 Mile(s)
Calhoun Falls State Recreation Area is located on Lake Russell, one of South Carolina's most popular fishing lakes. Coves around this 26,650-acre lake create excellent fish...
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