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Decatur, GA 30030 - Distance: 3 Mile(s)
Decatur, GA 30030 - Distance: 3 Mile(s)
This museum has a Harry L. Dalton collection, a Steffen Thomas collection, a Ferdinand Warren collection and a Clifford Clarke collection.
Decatur, GA 30030 - Distance: 3 Mile(s)
This museum, housed in the Old Courthouse on Decatur Square, has six exhibit rooms containing memorabilia of DeKalb from 1822-1922 and Civil War memorabilia.
Atlanta, GA 30307 - Distance: 4 Mile(s)
This science museum, planetarium and observatory has many interesting exhibits including a herbarium, entomology, minerals, birds, mammals and insects. The museum is free for...
Atlanta, GA 30307 - Distance: 5 Mile(s)
Displays the worlds largest dinosaurs, artifacts, science interactives, shells, wildlife and IMAX films and more. A walk through time in Georgia, sensing nature of the Mesozoic...
Atlanta, GA 30322 - Distance: 5 Mile(s)
This art and archaeology musuem has collections of fine art works on paper, photographs and painting and Mediterranean, Egyptian, Near Eastern, Mesoamerican, Central and South...
Decatur, GA 30033 - Distance: 5 Mile(s)
Atlanta, GA 30306 - Distance: 5 Mile(s)
This arts center is housed in the c1917-20 Callanwolde home of Charles Howard Candler, the son of Asa Candler of Coca-Cola fame and displays local art works and paintings, prints,...
Atlanta, GA 30333 - Distance: 6 Mile(s)
The medical museum displays collections of history of the Public Health Service and Centers for Disease Control and prevention with emphasis on benefits to nation and world of...
Atlanta, GA 30307 - Distance: 6 Mile(s)
Collections of personal papers, government records, still photographs, films, audio and video tapes, sound recordings, gifts from heads of state and private citizens, campaign...
Atlanta, GA 30316 - Distance: 6 Mile(s)
Critter Sitters is metro Atlanta’s (and Georgia’s!) largest and oldest petsitting company. We pioneered the field of professional pet sitting back in the 1970s, and we’ve grown to...
Atlanta, GA 30312 - Distance: 6 Mile(s)
The birthplace, church and grave of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. civil rights leader, are parts of this park. The neighborhood also includes the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for...
Atlanta, GA 30315 - Distance: 6 Mile(s)
This art and Civil War museum located in a c1921 structure and a c1886 cyclorama that depicts the July 22, 1864 Battle of Atlanta and displays artifacts from the Civil War.
Atlanta, GA 30315 - Distance: 6 Mile(s)
This zoo was founded in 1889. It now includes nearly 1,000 specimens representing animals from all over the world. This zoo is a great family spot, with animals and exhibits in a...
Atanta, GA 30315 - Distance: 6 Mile(s)
The worlds largest 1800 Oil Painting of The Battle of Atlanta. 35 to 40 minute conducted tours. Civil War exhibits.
Atlanta, GA 30312 - Distance: 6 Mile(s)
Atlanta, GA 30312 - Distance: 6 Mile(s)
Collections of furnishings of the King family, personal effects of Dr. King, artwork, manuscripts, memorabilia donated by the public, and the tomb of Dr. Martin Luther King...
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