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Sedalia, MO 65302 - Distance: 40 Mile(s)
The second largest park in Sedalia's park system with 39 acres and it's main function is a sports complex with lighted ballfields, a 50 meter swimming pool, playgrounds and tennis...
Sedalia, MO 65301 - Distance: 41 Mile(s)
Liberty Park is approximately 23 acres in size and was purchased in 1890 from Joseph Sicher. Today in Liberty Park, there is the main building, Convention Hall, which houses the...
Lebanon, MO 65536 - Distance: 41 Mile(s)
The Bennett Spring area was founded by pioneers who used the cool, rushing waters of the spring-fed stream for gristmills. Now, it’s one of America’s premier trout destinations...
Sedalia, MO 65301 - Distance: 41 Mile(s)
The museum collections feature abstract paintings, drawings, prints, clay works and sculpture created since the mid-20th century.
Lebanon, MO 65536 - Distance: 41 Mile(s)
Lebanon, MO 65536 - Distance: 41 Mile(s)
Exhibits interpreting Missouri's springs and the natural environment surrounding Bennett Spring State Park at the Nature center.
Lebanon, MO 65536 - Distance: 41 Mile(s)
The spring valley - once a popular camping ground for farmers waiting for their grain to be ground at the mill - still attracts visitors interested in camping, hiking and...
Boonesboro, MS 65233 - Distance: 42 Mile(s)
Housed at Arrow Rock State historic site on a salt manufacturing site, visitors can view historic salt kettles, tools, water wheel drive shaft, and interesting memorabilia of the...
Lebanon, MO 65536 - Distance: 42 Mile(s)
Lebanon Farmers' Market, featuring locally grown produce, plants, cut flowers, grass-finished meats, crafts, baked goods, jams and jellies, chicken and duck eggs, herbal...
Sedalia, MO 65301 - Distance: 44 Mile(s)
This castlelike building was constructed between 1897 and 1928 for a prominent Sedalia lawyer, John Homer Bothwell. Bothwell was active in local politics, represented Pettis...
Columbia, MO 65203 - Distance: 46 Mile(s)
While walking the half-mile Devil’s Icebox Boardwalk, visitors will pass both under and over the rock bridge, have the opportunity to explore Connor’s Cave on their own, and see...
Boonville, MO 65233 - Distance: 47 Mile(s)
Boonville, MO 65233 - Distance: 47 Mile(s)
For more than 150 years Thespian hall has captured the vision, the imagination and the essence of the community in which it was built. The roots of Thespian hall go back to 1838....
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