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King Salmon, AK 99613 - Distance: 147 Mile(s)
Proclaimed as a national monument in 1978 and a preserve in 1980, the Aniakchak Caldera covers nearly 30 square miles and located in the volcanically active Aleutian Mountains....
King Salmon, AK 99613 - Distance: 147 Mile(s)
Variety marks this vast land, lakes, forests, mountains, and marshlands all abound in wildlife. The Alaska brown bear, the world's largest carnivore, thrives here, feeding upon...
King Salmon, AK 99611 - Distance: 391 Mile(s)
The Alagnak River flows from Kukaklek Lake in Katmai National Preserve and is used for many activities such as whitewater rafting, sport fishing and wildlife viewing. The River is...