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Coker, AL 35452 - Distance: 14 Mile(s)
Lake Lurleen State Park is named after Alabama’s only female governor. Lurleen Wallace, the wife of former Governor George C. Wallace, was a native of Tuscaloosa County. This...
Fayette, AL 35555 - Distance: 18 Mile(s)
Fayette, AL 35555 - Distance: 20 Mile(s)
Fayette, AL 35555 - Distance: 21 Mile(s)
A collection of pieces by folk artists, Lois Wilson, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Benjamin F. Perkins, Sybil Gibson and Fred Webster.
Northport, AL 35476 - Distance: 22 Mile(s)
The museum features works of established artists and plays host to many quality traveling exhibits. The artists studio and the gallery host works of newcomers. There is something...
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 - Distance: 23 Mile(s)
The Old Tavern provides visitors with a rare glimpse of early Tuscaloosa commercial architecture. with furnishings of the period, exhibits of old artifacts and folklore.
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403 - Distance: 23 Mile(s)
A hands-on museum with exhibits dealing with history, science, health and the media.
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487 - Distance: 24 Mile(s)
The legendary coach of the University of Alabama's Crimson Tide football team is showcased from the years 1958-1982. Among the many artifacts on display is Mr. Bryant's famous...
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Tuscaloosa, AL 35487 - Distance: 24 Mile(s)
A collection of primitive art, paintings, drawings, prints, photos, sculpture and crafts.
Aliceville, AL 35442 - Distance: 24 Mile(s)
Featuring a history of the German POW camp, Aliceville which was active from 1942-1945, a Coca-Cola exhibit and the Alabama military veterans of all wars salute.
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487 - Distance: 24 Mile(s)
A collection of 18th and 19th century Spanish silver.
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487 - Distance: 24 Mile(s)
A collection of anthropology, archaeology, mineralogy, herpetology, botany and impressive displays of fossils, rocks, minerals from the Age of Dinosaurs, Ice and Coal Ages.
Columbus, MS 39702 - Distance: 24 Mile(s)
Lake Lowndes State Park offers complete recreational facilities for individuals, families, and groups. Located on a beautiful 150-acre lake, the park offers unlimited...
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 - Distance: 24 Mile(s)
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 - Distance: 25 Mile(s)
Tuscaloosa, AL 35404 - Distance: 26 Mile(s)
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