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for Monte Vista, CO and surrounding 50 Miles
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Monte Vista, CO 81144 - Distance: 1 Mile(s)
Alamosa, CO 81102 - Distance: 16 Mile(s)
Paleo-Indian folsom points, Pueblo Indian cultural artifacts, pottery; Navajo weaving, Spanish general culture, Santos, Spanish history primarily San Luis Valley and Southwest,...
Mosca, CO 81146 - Distance: 37 Mile(s)
Among the largest and highest in the United States, these dunes were deposited over thousands of years by southwesterly winds blowing through the passes of the lofty Sangre de...
Saguache, CO 81149 - Distance: 42 Mile(s)
This museum has collections relating to mineralogy, geology, archaeology and zoology. The museum also has Indian artifacts, history artifacts, general items, an outdoor museum,...
Silver Cliff, CO 81252 - Distance: 55 Mile(s)
This museum has collections of clothes, silver pieces, photographs, a fire cart from c1800, period furnishings and paintings.