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Petersburg, IL 62675 - Distance: 12 Mile(s)
Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site, about 2 miles South of Petersburg and about 20 miles Northwest of Springfield, is a reconstruction of the village where Abraham Lincoln...
Petersburg, IL 62675 - Distance: 13 Mile(s)
Petersburg, IL 62675 - Distance: 13 Mile(s)
This arboretum has living plant collections, natural forms and native species of woody arborescent plants, and a national oak collection of the North American Plant Preservation...
Chandlerville, IL 62627 - Distance: 13 Mile(s)
This park is home to a rich assortment of wildlife, from endangered species that include Indiana bat, northern harrier and re-shouldered hawk, to such game species white-tailed...
Jacksonville, IL 62650 - Distance: 16 Mile(s)
This art gallery has collections of early Mississippi Indian pottery, a Miriam Cougar Allen collection of antique and collectible dolls and a Charles Prentice Thompson classical...
Jacksonville, IL 62651 - Distance: 16 Mile(s)
Located on West Douglas in the old Viles lot just east of City Hall.
Jacksonville, IL 62650 - Distance: 17 Mile(s)
Jacksonville, IL 62650 - Distance: 17 Mile(s)
Springfield, IL 62704 - Distance: 18 Mile(s)
This botanical garden has tropical plants, roses, iris, cacti, trees and perennials.
Springfield, IL 62702 - Distance: 19 Mile(s)
This medical science museum has medical, dental and pharmaceutical artifacts, graphic art, photographs and slides.
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