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Hollister, NC 27844 - Distance: 25 Mile(s)
A pleasurable excursion awaits just a 1.5-hour drive from the Research Triangle. At Medoc Mountain, the urban refugee finds a welcome tranquility, a chance to embrace the...
Murfreesboro, NC 27855 - Distance: 28 Mile(s)
Trace the evolution of the washing machine, iron, churn , music box, radio, and phonograph by viewing the extensive collection of these items that were amassed by Brady C....
Rocky Mount, NC 27804 - Distance: 35 Mile(s)
Opened in 1952, this unique museum caters its exhibits to children with hands-on displays and interactive activities that teach them to explore their world.
South Hill, VA 23970 - Distance: 36 Mile(s)
South Hill, VA 23970 - Distance: 36 Mile(s)
The Colonial Theatre has special place in the history of our community and in the lives of many of our residents. It has weathered many difficulties, including economic crises, as...
South Hill, VA 23970 - Distance: 36 Mile(s)
The Mecklenburg County Training School had an important impact on this area's educational system and is has historical significance. Open from 1925-1942, the school touched the...
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