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Randolph, VA 23962 - Distance: 1 Mile(s)
At this historic site, a ragtag group of Confederate old men and young boys beat the odds and held off an assault by 5,000 Union cavalry soldiers on a bridge of strategic...
Brookneal, VA 24528 - Distance: 11 Mile(s)
Red Hill is Patrick Henry's last home and burial site. Tour includes 15 minute video, 7 historic buildings, grave site, museum housing the largest collection of Henry artifacts....
Scottsburg, VA 24589 - Distance: 16 Mile(s)
Staunton River State Park is one of the six original state parks that opened in June 1936. It is located on 1,597 acres along the shoreline of the John H. Kerr Reservoir, as well...
Chase City, VA 23924 - Distance: 18 Mile(s)
This is an anthropology museum and botanical garden that features collections of Indian artifacts, dating from 9,500 BC to 1600AD, artifacts in garden from around the world.
South Boston, VA 24592 - Distance: 21 Mile(s)
History museum with artifacts from South Boston, Halifax County and Southside Virginia.
South Boston, VA 24592 - Distance: 22 Mile(s)
Noland Village is a restoration of an early crossroads community near Clover.
Clarksville, VA 23927 - Distance: 26 Mile(s)
From 1250 to 1670, the Occoneechee Indians lived on an island on the Roanoke River near what is now Occoneechee State Park. The park is on Virginia’s largest lake, Buggs Island...
Green Bay, VA 23942 - Distance: 26 Mile(s)
Twin Lakes State Park, centrally located in Virginia's Piedmont region, provides visitors from all over the Commonwealth with a variety of lakefront activities in a secluded...
Appomattox, VA 24522 - Distance: 27 Mile(s)
Designated as a national historical park in April 1954 and is the site where General Robert E. Lee surrendered the Confederacy's largest field army to Lieutenant General Ulysses...
Farmville, VA 23909 - Distance: 29 Mile(s)
Farmville, VA 23901 - Distance: 29 Mile(s)
Altavista, VA 24517 - Distance: 33 Mile(s)
Avoca is a country Victorian house constructed in 1901, after the original and second dwellings were destroyed by fire in 1879 and 1900. The house is a commissioned work of the...
Altavista, VA 24517 - Distance: 33 Mile(s)
Situated along the edge of the scenic Staunton River, English Park will eventually encompass 167 acres of protected and publicly accessible space, including ball fields, picnic...
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