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Mar 23, 2018 - Jun 15, 2018
Bobby Wilder, coach of the top-ranked ODU Monarchs football team, is missing! Your mission is to find him in time for the big game against his fiercest competitor, scheduled to...
Mar 23, 2018 - Nov 14, 2019
KOSMIK is a Global leader in training, development, and consulting services that help students bring the future of work to life today in a corporate environment.We have a team of...
Mar 23, 2018 - Nov 16, 2018
Office 365 is a service suite on application, in formal term we can say office 365 provide services for the other Microsoft product. It is the update version of Microsoft office....
Mar 23, 2018 - Oct 16, 2018
Kosmiktechnologies: KOSMIK is a Global leader in training, development, and consulting services that help students bring the future of work to life today in a corporate...
100 Attendees
Mar 23, 2018 - Apr 15, 2018
Registration is now open for 100 creative writing classes, workshops, and seminars at The Muse Writers Center this upcoming winter/spring 2018.   Offerings include beginning to...
500 Attendees
Mar 23, 2018 - Jan 16, 2019
Join a small group of visitors for a truly unique experience as you learn about how the Museum operates from the inside out! Take part in a fish feeding at one of our many...
Mar 23, 2018 - Apr 10, 2018
The Art and Science of Arachnids is not your typical “bug” exhibit. It is an  exhibit on how society perceives arachnids in Science, Art and Culture. The Art and Science of...
Mar 23, 2018 - Mar 31, 2018
The Gallery @ Barr Photographics announces the inaugural installment of the Corner Gallery’s 2018 exhibition series with a collection of fiber art weavings entitled “Wild...
2000 Attendees
Mar 23, 2018 - Dec 30, 2018
Spend 2 hours with us and we'll turn you into a certified wine snob! Led by our wine maker, Carl, this seminar is the snob free zone in plain English all about wine. Learn every...
Mar 23, 2018 - Dec 12, 2018
A delicious, educational and lively seminar on the basics of cheese and wine pairing. You’ll taste cheeses from all 6 categories of cheese with 6 different wines as we discover...
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Mar 23, 2018 - Dec 16, 2018
Is it possible to pair desserts with our favorite mainstream wines? Better be careful, some of these flavors are in definite conflict ... but it can be done. While you may be hard...
Mar 23, 2018 - May 17, 2018
Since 1997, showcasing the region's best performing and visual arts organizations, staging events in multiple cities, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Hampton,...
65000 Attendees
Mar 23, 2018 - Feb 24, 2019
Once every decade or so a wine grape comes along that transcends region, winery, or even common sense to become a brand unto itself. Remember five years ago, when Pinot Noir was...
Mar 23, 2018 - Dec 23, 2018
The big class we never attempt all at once. Come take the triple threat challenge - we'll taste all of our favorites: cheeses and chocolates and wines all together and see what it...
Mar 23, 2018 - Dec 02, 2018
Get to know the most amazing wine regions you never knew were out there and why the finest wine regions in the world are what they are as we take an incredible adventure of wines...
Mar 23, 2018 - Apr 08, 2018
Already looking for fun spring activities for the family to enjoy? Egg Hunts on weekends coming soon: March 10th to April 8th Open 9:30 am to 5 pm *If severe rain site may be...
5000 Attendees
Mar 23, 2018 - Apr 07, 2018
The "Color Me Cameron" is the annual Fundraiser in support of the Cameron Fitzwater Memorial Scholarship Foundation. The Cameron Fitzwater Memorial Scholarship Foundation was...
1000 Attendees
Mar 23, 2018
Come enjoy one of our favorite monthly events, Fourth Fridays! We always have great wine specials, delicious food to enjoy, as well as live musical entertainment!
Mar 23, 2018 - Mar 25, 2018
Since 1999, There's something for everyone to love at Sugarloaf Crafts Festival! Lovers of fine crafts and art will find more than 250 top artisans displaying and selling their...
27000+ Attendees
Mar 23, 2018 - Apr 15, 2018
Visit our farm and enjoy the many blossoms here and along the way. Picnic under a blossoming tree. Taste our wines, visit our farm animals and get advance tickets for The Horse...
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